Mascar® Displays

Ultimate protection for your collection

The Mascar® Pro, Mascar® Ultima and our new Mascar® Mach series are one piece thermoformed High Impact Styrene (PETG on clear Ultimas), with clear PETG snap-on dust covers.

Enhance any room with these high quality displays, while keeping unwanted fingerprints and dust from your favorite cars.


Check out the latest YouTube review of our Mascar Pro and Ultima displays.

See an independent review of pocket size, features and overall design.



SHIPPING SPECIAL for multiple orders ONLY!!!! 10% discount on orders of 2 to 8 displays, use code "mascar" (continental US only).

See how you could get 20% (off at this bottom of the page).


"Clear" ULTIMA displays w/covers now available for $37.95


Clear Ultimas w/ Laser cut colored cardboard backings.

Reflective cardboard backing coming soon.


Mascar Mach series displays

For keeping those larger hard to display items dust free.


View pictures and details at the bottom of this page.



Mascar Pro and Ultima Displays w/wo clear covers

Mascar Pro is for Standard width Hotwheel cards (5 1/4") ONLY.

The Mascar® Ultima also accomodates HO scale Slot Cars.


Mascar Mach series

Pricing for white or black w/cover is $40.95 ea.

Shipping special applies to multiple orders ONLY! (continental US only).

Please send pictures of your filled displays that we can use.

             Mach 1

The Mach 1 in the series has 1 shelf at the bottom, and can hold tall figurines, or used as a shadowbox to hold flags or jerseys.



              Mach 2

The Mach 2 in the series has 2 evenly spaced shelves, and can hold?













              Mach 3

The Mach 3 in the series has 3 evenly spaced shelves, and can hold?



              Mach 4

The Mach 4 in the series has 4 evenly spaced shelves, and can hold?


              Mach 5

The Mach 5 in the series has 5 evenly spaced shelves, and can hold a variety of toys, figurines, trains, cars and semi trucks.

Email or call for more information.

503 332-8227


Custom shelf configurations will be available in the very near future.






















































































































































My screenplay "DESERT GALLEON" is currently being considered for production.

"A 21st Century soldier of fortune fractures time in a doomed quest for a legendary 16th Century Spanish Treasure Galleon lost in the shifting sands of what will eventually become the southern California desert."

If you enjoy Sifi/Action/Adventure, give it a read and tell me what you think!

I may give you 20% off of your next display order, just let me know that you did read it, and give me your honest opinion.

I am currently working on a sequel, and if you are a creative person and would like to share you thoughts on which direction you think it should go, please feel free to give me your ideas.

Go to the Desert Galleon "tab" and click on the file at the bottom of the page.

Here is a review from the Bluecat Screenplay competition:

Archive # 12006
Desert Galleon
Reader # 9312

What did you like about this script?
DESERT GALLEON takes the pillars of a classic tale and adds a supernatural twist that actively augments the material and provides a strange, bizarre adventure in the vein of Pirates of the Caribbean and Project Almanac. The premise itself is really what works here. A group of characters, each on separate ships, are first separated, then brought together by time travel, resulting in a story that incorporates both old-fashioned and modern aesthetics. This blend of old and new works extremely well here, considering one of the most difficult sub-genres to tackle is the pirate-adventure genre. But where most stories of this kind fall short, DESERT GALLEON thrives. The writer's knowledge of ships and geography are taken full advantage of, providing us with characters who understand what they are doing in the context of their world, and as a reader, it is extremely enjoyable to indulge in an aesthetically fleshed out story.
The writer also handles the time travel elements really well, never spending too much time on the specifics (overly explained details often times get tiresome) while still providing enough information for us to understand what is going in. The time travel is introduced early enough to have an impact on the setup, but doesn't detract from the interactions between the characters once they meet. Because of this, the script is able to breeze by a very important detail (you could make the argument that the time travel is the crux of the story) without feeling as if something is missing. Similarly, the MacGuffin in the story (the Crystal) is handled properly. It serves as a driving force for the antagonist, but is never portrayed as being more important that any one character.




                                "SPECIAL"  (call for availablity)

 Mascar Pro and Ultimas with slight imperfections.

Sometimes during the manufacturing process of our Mascar Pro, Ultima and Covers, we will get foreign particulate, such as a hair, dust, or small lint on our mold surface, and this sometimes results in an imperfection in the products final surface smoothness. These imperfections are sometimes barely visible (especially when loaded with cars), but sometimes they are very obvious. Some of the covers may have a slight crack in the outside trim, but these we will repaired with Cyanoacrylate (Superglue), and should barely be visible, unless looked at closely. The displays will still function as designed, and keep the dust off your car collection. If you can live with these imperfections, we are offering these displays w/covers for $24.95. This is a limited while they last offer, I will not pick through the parts to find one to suite you, so please do not ask. They will be pre-boxed for shipment, and we will not know what they look like when we ship. If you are not happy with the cover or base that you receive, sorry, they are sold as is with no refund. We just hate to throw away parts that are just not quite perfect.

Make sure you order the “special” parts on our purchase page.



Coming late next year, maybe.

The Mascar Browser is for the serious or limited space collector, and each one holds 10 Mascar Pro's. That's over 500 cars in the wall space of apporimatly two (2) wall mounted Mascar Pro's. The Browser seamlessly (small seam) interlocks with the next browser, and will give you uninterupted pages all accross your wall. In a normal bedroom you can go three (3) rows high, that is a lot of cars. If you are a serious collector, do the math.


Mounting of diaplays.

When mounting your Pro's, Ultimas, and or Mach series to the wall, finding the studs in the wall is not nessesary.

Do not use nails, but use the supplied Drywall type screws.

Make sure you put screws into the two (2) bottom holes of the Ultima and Mach series, as this will distribute and carry the weight evenly.


Check our new photo gallery and projects page.

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