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The Mascar Pro display was born out of need! Need, because when your 5 ft. tall, 76 year old mother  (80 something now) says she’s tired of standing on a stool to dust her Hotwheel cars, You know there must be Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers all over the country with the same problem.  Having designed displays, and other plastic products for over 30 years, I knew I could help prevent a few broken hips and maybe, just maybe there were a few younger collectors out there with an aversion to dusting.

Thus, the Mascar Pro was born!

It’s sleek, one piece base design and clear snap-on dust cover, that has made it the most sought after carded Hotwheel display on the market.

 The Mascar Ultima is also becoming very popular not only by the die cast collectors, but also by figurine collectors of D&D, Homies, Lego's, Shopkins etc.

The new Mach 4 displays are sure to be a hit with collectors of just about anything larger and bulkier.

Being a family owned company, we strive to give a personal touch to any transaction, large or small.

Don Taylor,
President, Designer, Engineer and Salesman.
Taylor Manufacturing LLC