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Not HotWheel related,  but for your enjoyment.

 Attached is an action/adventure/SiFi screenplay I wrote a few years ago. I hope eventually to see it made into a movie, but who knows how long that could take.

 I sent an early draft of Desert Galleon to an aquaintance, Mary Crosby (Dallas, daughter of someone named Bing). Two weeks latter, I received personal phone calls from both Arnold Swarzenegger and Steven Segal. They said they loved it and to stay by the phone, I'm still waiting by the phone. That was February 04, and since that time Arnold has become extremely busy, but there is hope! as I have been watching his pole ratings (Governor). Steven called me from Hong Kong that same week, and neither him or his manager has gotten back.

I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to send copies to anyone you like.

My agent is meeting with Chinese producers in Bejing, trying to sell my screenplay, I hope to have good news soon.

Update: Nothing came of the effort.

My agent is meeting with the Producer of "Blood Sport' and "Kick Boxer". They are in negotiations about producing my Screen Play "Desert Galleon". I made it throught the first round, and they requested the meeting, wish me luck!

Update: Nothing came of that effort either.

 Please email me with any comment or suggestions.

Don Taylor


Screenplay "Desert Galleon"

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